High Throughput/ Content Screening Facility

  • Bruce J Nicholson (Manager)

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    High throughput screening targeting enzymatic activities and protein/protein interactions as well as cell based or organismal assays. Chemical libraries totally 68,800 compounds are available to investigators. Precise liquid handling of compounds and assay reagents involve the use of Agilent Bravo and Beckman BioMek 3000 workstaions. Plate washing and bulk dispensing of assay reagents are performed by Biotek El406, EL405 and Biotek microfill. BMG Pherastar FS and Biotek Synergy 4 multimode plate readers for analysis of Fluorescence-based, absorbance and luminescence assays. High Content imaging using the Perkin Elmer Operetta interfaced with robotic arms and incubators for live cell/ fixed cell assays. Perkin Elmer Columbus online analysis and database management syste for high content imaging. Chemical library management and data analysis available through web-based interactive system supplied by Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.


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