Supplementary material 1 from: Iturrieta-González I, Gené J, Wiederhold N, García D (2020) Three new Curvularia species from clinical and environmental sources. MycoKeys 68: 1-21.

  • Isabel Iturrieta-González (Contributor)
  • Josepa Gené (Contributor)
  • Nathan Wiederhold (Contributor)
  • D. García (Contributor)



Figure S1. Phylogenetic tree of the genus Curvularia based on Maximum Likelihood analysis obtained by RAxML, using the combined analysis of ITS, gapdh and tef1 and rooted with Bipolaris maydisCBS 136.29 and Bipolaris saccharicolaCBS 155.26
Date made availableJun 25 2020

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