Short-term rapamycin treatment in mice have few effects on the transcriptome of white adipose tissue compared to dietary restriction

  • Carolina Livi (Contributor)
  • Alex F. Bokov (Contributor)
  • Zhen Yu (Contributor)
  • Yidong Chen (Contributor)
  • Arlan Richardson (Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington University St. Louis) (Contributor)



Analysis of the transcriptome in the epididymal fat of young mice (8 months of age) from treatment of dietary restriction, or rapamycin Total RNA extracted from epididymal fat of 8 month old C57BL6/J mice started on ad libitum (AL) , 40% dietary restriction (DR), or 14 ppm rapamycin (Rapa) from 2 months of age on 6 months of treatment. Number of samples total: 24, with 8 samples in AL, 8 samples in DR, and 8 samples in Rapa
Date made available2014

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