Imipramine Blue: A potent therapeutic regimen that suppresses breast cancer growth and metastasis

  • Subapriya Rajamanickam (Contributor)
  • Panneerdoss Subbarayalu (Contributor)
  • Aparna Gorthi (Contributor)
  • Santosh Timilsina (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Onyeagucha (Contributor)
  • Dmytro B. Kovalskyy (Contributor)
  • Dmitri N Ivanov (Contributor)
  • Yidong Chen (Contributor)



Imipramine Blue a novel inhibitor that we recently synthesiszed suppressed breast cancer growth and progression by silencing FOXM1 and its associated signaling. Breast cancer cell-line MDA-MB-231 treated with vehicle (DMSO) and IB, with 2 biological replciates each.
Date made available2016

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