Genetic variants (chr. 6) from Old World Schistosoma mansoni exomes

  • Frédéric D. Chevalier (Contributor)
  • Winka Le Clec'h (Contributor)
  • Marina McDew-White (Contributor)
  • Vinay Menon (Contributor)
  • Anouk N. Gouvras (Contributor)
  • Bonnie L. Webster (Contributor)
  • J. P. Webster (Contributor)
  • Aidan M. Emery (Contributor)
  • David Rollinson (Contributor)
  • Amadou Garba Djirmay (Contributor)
  • Khalid M. Al Mashikhi (Contributor)
  • Salem Al Yafae (Contributor)
  • Mohamed A. Idris (Contributor)
  • Hélène Moné (Contributor)
  • Gabriel Mouahid (Contributor)
  • Philip T. LoVerde (Contributor)
  • Timothy JC. Anderson (Contributor)



    Variant calling file (VCF) produced from exome libraries of Schistosoma mansoni (bloodfluke) samples from the Old Wold (West Africa (Senegal, Niger), East Africa (Tanzania), and Middle East (Oman)). One sample form the New World (Caribbean (HR9)) was added for comparison. The variants were called on the 3 Mb of chromosome 6 centered on the SmSULT-OR gene. This gene is involved in resistance to the drug oxamniquine (OXA). The aim of the related article was to investigate the origin of OXA resistant mutations in the New Wolrd by identifying sequence variation in SmSULT-OR in S. mansoni from the Old World, where OXA has seen minimal usage.
    Date made availableMay 15 2019

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