Derivative of mouse TGF-beta2, with a deletion of residues 52-71 and K25R, R26K, L51R, A74K, C77S, L89V, I92V, K94R T95K, I98V single amino acid substitutions, bound to human TGF-beta type II receptor ectodomain residues 15-130

  • Sun Kyung Kim (Contributor)
  • Lindsey Barron (Contributor)
  • Cynthia S. Hinck (Contributor)
  • Elyse M. Petrunak (Contributor)
  • Kristin E Cano (Contributor)
  • Avinash Thangirala (Contributor)
  • Brian Iskra (Contributor)
  • Molly Brothers (Contributor)
  • Machell Vonberg (Contributor)
  • Belinda Z. Leal (Contributor)
  • Blair Richter (Contributor)
  • Ravindra Kodali (Contributor)
  • Alexander Bryan Taylor (Contributor)
  • Shoucheng Du (Contributor)
  • Christopher O. Barnes (Contributor)
  • Traian Sulea (Contributor)
  • Guillermo Calero (Contributor)
  • P. John Hart (Contributor)
  • Matthew J. Hart (Contributor)
  • Borries Demeler (Contributor)
  • Andrew P. Hinck (University of Pittsburgh) (Contributor)


Date made availableMar 1 2017
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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