Crystal structure of the wild type SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease (PLPro) with inhibitor GRL0617

  • Chunlong Ma (Contributor)
  • Michael Dominic Sacco (Contributor)
  • Zilei Xia (Contributor)
  • George Lambrinidis (Contributor)
  • Julia Alma Townsend (Contributor)
  • Yanmei Hu (Contributor)
  • Xiangzhi Meng (Contributor)
  • Tommy Szeto (Contributor)
  • Mandy Ba (Contributor)
  • Xiujun Zhang (Contributor)
  • Maura Gongora (Contributor)
  • Fushun Zhang (Contributor)
  • Michael Thomas Marty (Contributor)
  • Yan Xiang (Contributor)
  • Antonios Kolocouris (Contributor)
  • Yu Chen (Contributor)
  • Jun Wang (Contributor)


Date made availableAug 26 2020
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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