Cryo-EM structure of the BRCA1-UbcH5c/BARD1 E3-E2 module bound to a nucleosome

  • Samuel R. Witus (Contributor)
  • Anika L. Burrell (Contributor)
  • Daniel P. Farrell (Contributor)
  • Jianming Kang (Contributor)
  • Meiling Wang (Contributor)
  • Jesse M. Hansen (Contributor)
  • Alex Pravat (Contributor)
  • Lisa M. Tuttle (Contributor)
  • Mikaela D. Stewart (Contributor)
  • Peter S. Brzovic (Contributor)
  • Champak Chatterjee (Contributor)
  • Weixing Zhao (Contributor)
  • Frank DiMaio (Contributor)
  • Justin M. Kollman (Contributor)
  • Rachel E. Klevit (Contributor)


Date made availableFeb 17 2021
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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