Additional file 3: Figure S2. of MicroRNA-195 acts as an anti-proliferative miRNA in human melanoma cells by targeting Prohibitin 1

  • Priscila Daniele Ramos Cirilo (Creator)
  • Luciana Nogueira de Sousa Andrade (Contributor)
  • Bruna R. Correa (Creator)
  • Mei Qiao (Creator)
  • Tatiane Katsue Furuya (Contributor)
  • Roger Chammas (Creator)
  • Luiz O Penalva (Contributor)



miRNA-195 act as anti-proliferative microRNA in melanoma cell. Proliferation assay based on nuclear counting per mm2. SK-MEL-5 melanoma cells were transfected with either miR-control or miR-195 (10 nM) and observed for five days after transfection Representative examples of at least three independent experiments are reported. (PNG 32 kb)
Date made available2017

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