Additional file 1: of Total copy number variation as a prognostic factor in adult astrocytoma subtypes

  • Kanish Mirchia (Contributor)
  • Adwait Amod Sathe (Contributor)
  • Jamie M. Walker (Creator)
  • Yelena Fudym (Creator)
  • Kristyn Galbraith (Creator)
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  • Robert J. Corona (Creator)
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  • Chao Xing (Creator)
  • Kimmo Hatanpaa (Creator)
  • Timothy E. Richardson (Creator)



Figure S1. Summary plot showing the frequency of genes with pathologic mutations and amplifications, IDH-mutant LGGs without CDK4 amplification or CDKN2A/B deletion. (TIF 91 kb)
Date made available2019

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