Additional file 1 of Hidden in plain sight: urinary Cryptococcus neoformans missed by routine diagnostics in a patient with acute leukemia

  • Zoe F. Weiss (Creator)
  • James E. DiCarlo (Creator)
  • David W. Basta (Creator)
  • Stephanie Kent (Creator)
  • Alexis Liakos (Creator)
  • Lindsey R. Baden (Creator)
  • Manfred Brigl (Creator)
  • Sanjat Kanjilal (Creator)
  • Connie F. Cañete-Gibas (Creator)
  • Nathan Wiederhold (Creator)
  • Sankha S. Basu (Creator)



Additional file 1: Figure S1. Maximum likelihood tree resulting from ITS sequence analysis of isolate UTHSCSA DI22-46 and sequences of representative strains of the Cryptococcus neoformans species complex and the Cryptococcus gattii species complex obtained from GenBank. Confidence values at the nodes > 0.95 [25, 26] represent posterior probabilities from Bayesian analysis, > 80% represent bootstrap re-samplings. The scale bar shows expected number of changes per site. The maximum likelihood analysis was conducted in IQ-Tree using the substitution model TIM + F determined by corrected Akaike Information Criteria (AIC) and Model Finder both of which are implemented in IQ-Tree [27–29].
Date made available2022

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