Additional file 1 of Global DNA methylation profiling reveals chromosomal instability in IDH-mutant astrocytomas

  • Yan Liu (Creator)
  • Adwait Amod Sathe (Creator)
  • Kalil G. Abdullah (Creator)
  • Samuel K. McBrayer (Creator)
  • Steven H. Adams (Creator)
  • Andrew Brenner (Creator)
  • Kimmo Hatanpaa (Creator)
  • Mariano S. Viapiano (Creator)
  • Chao Xing (Creator)
  • Jamie M. Walker (Creator)
  • Timothy E. Richardson (Creator)
  • K. Gopal (Contributor)



Additional file 1. Fig. 1 Copy number variation differences between initial biopsies and tumor recurrences in IDH-mutant and IDH-wildtype astrocytomas (A) and IDH-mutant astrocytomas with known CIN and CS status (B)
Date made available2022

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